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Tram named after student nurse

A tram named after the first student winner of the Nurse and Midwife of the Year award has been unveiled. Christina O’Loughlin is a student nurse at the QMC, run by Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust which also runs City Hospital, and will graduate in December. She was one of eight nurses to win this year’s Nurse and Midwife of the Year awards in May and went on to be named the overall winner after getting the most public votes. Christina won the award after being nominated by the family of a patient she was looking after on the neurological ward at the QMC while on placement.

Draft plans reveal changes to nurse prescribing standards

Nurse prescribers will in the future be trained under the same standards as pharmacists, according to draft Nursing and Midwifery Council proposals. In latest NMC council papers, the regulator also proposed that undergraduate training would include some elements of prescribing theory. But, contrary to previous suggestions, nurses will continue to only be able to prescribe once they have completed a further qualification. Teaching at an undergraduate level will “provide a stepping stone to earlier access to gain prescribing qualifications after registration,” said the council papers. However, due to the grounding they will have received in their undergraduate training, nurses will be able to go on a community practitioner prescribing course immediately after they become registered, the papers said. In addition, the NMC is proposing that nurses will only be required to have one year’s experience of post-registration practice in order to go on a more advanced prescribing course to become a supplementary or independent prescriber, instead of the current three years. Under proposed new standards that the NMC has drawn up for universities providing prescribing courses, nurses will have to pass a pharmacology exam with a score of 80%, and a numeracy assessment of 100%. It is expected that universities will only be able to run prescribing courses if they have met the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s single competency framework for all prescribers.

Nurses grant dying man final wish – a cigarette and glass of wine

A man has been granted his dying wish of a cigarette and a glass of white wine by staff at a hospital in Denmark. According to a post on the hospital’s Facebook page, Carsten Flemming Hansen, 75, was found to be terminally ill after he was admitted to hospital.