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Midwife staffing crisis as managers called to the front line

Amid an ongoing NHS retention and recruitment crisis, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has seen midwife staffing levels fall below the required level and would otherwise be at a point where services ‘will be impacted’. In an effort to boost midwife staffing levels, the trust has said it will be using ‘senior management and non-frontline midwives’ in clinical roles to temporarily plug the vacancies until the staffing situation improves. NHS figures show that the number of full-time equivalent midwives employed by OUH has dropped from 296 in March 2016 to 259 in March 2018, despite an ongoing recruitment drive. As of June there were around 26 full time midwife roles to be filled. An OUH spokesman said the temporary move for bosses would mean the trust’s required midwife to births ratio would be met and that no adverse impact on patient care was anticipated. To remain registered with the Nursing and Midwifery council, clinicians must have had at least 450 hours of practice over the previous three years to remain. However, concerns have been raised about using clinicians who may have been out of regular front-line care for a number of years.

Innovative midwifery and nursing programme development at University of Leicester

The University of Leicester is pushing the boundaries of Midwifery and Nursing training which is being led by Professors Jayne Marshall and Dave Clarke, who bring to the University a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise from both education and practice. Jayne’s appointment at the University of Leicester is to develop and implement an innovative 4 year pre-registration Master in Science Midwifery with Leadership programme for aspiring leaders of the midwifery profession: be it in clinical practice, education or research.  For nursing, Dave is developing a 4-year dual registration BSc (Hons) Nursing with leadership: adult with mental health and children’s nursing with mental health. The introduction of midwifery and nursing programmes at the University of Leicester will support the College of Medicine’s aspiration to form a School of Allied Health Professions and further enhance inter-professional learning and working.