Support for city care home residents in preventing falls

A new service to help prevent falls in care home residents has reduced the number of patients waiting for an appointment to zero. In May 2017, the Leicester City Care Home Therapy Team, provided by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, was commissioned to support frail patients living in care homes, who are at risk of falling, or who may have had falls already, to keep them safe and out of hospital. When the service started, there were 56 care home residents waiting for therapy assessments but, within just eight weeks, all of those patients had been assessed by a therapist and the waiting list was reduced to zero. Since May 2017, the team has helped 135 patients in Leicester City care homes. Dr Nainani, GP and clinical lead for falls prevention with Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Falls are the most common cause of serious injury in older patients and preventing them is a high priority. People should not be afraid to come forward and ask their GP for help if they’ve fallen or had a near miss, as there is a lot that can be done to help.”