Pub landlord who’s turned into a click and collect grocer

  • Chris Easom
  • May 17, 2020

Businesses are facing desperate times as the coronavirus lockdown takes its toll. But with a bit of imagination, British bulldog determination and entrepreneurial flair, some owners are pivoting their businesses into ones which will be able to survive and possibly even thrive during the crisis. Among them is Tim Foster, co-founder of The Yummy Pub company. He saw his business change overnight because of lockdown – but he has never been busier. He has kept his food and drink supply chain going, delivered donations of beer to NHS staff, set up a click-and-collect grocery store from his 15th Century lakeside pub in Surrey, and organised hundreds of meals for the homeless. Tim estimates he has lost at least £1 million in sales so far due to lockdown and now owes his suppliers hundreds of thousands of pounds, but he is determined to keep on going. ‘I’m a fighter,’ he says.