Police officers organise surprise celebrations for 90th birthday in coronavirus lockdown

  • Chris Easom
  • May 14, 2020

Kind-hearted police officers arranged a special visit to a pensioner whose 90th birthday celebrations were scuppered by the coronavirus pandemic. PC Neil Morris and PCSO Gayle Muizelaar surprised Mary Murray, who lives on in South Shields, in order to mark her memorable milestone. Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, it was all set to be a quiet day for unsuspecting Mary as the birthday party that her family and friends had hoped to organise was cancelled. However, officers were keen to make sure her special day did not go unnoticed – with PCSO Muizelaar dropping letters through the doors of the pensioner’s neighbours asking them to pop their heads out on the morning in question to join in with the singing. On her big day, as she enjoyed the sunshine from the comfort of her front garden, Mary was then surprised to see officers and her neighbours appear and start to sing ‘happy birthday’. One of her neighbours, Melanie, also showed off her baking skills and made a cake to mark the occasion.