Lincoln’s £19m state-of-the-art nurse training facility completed

A new £19m state-of-the-art nurse-training facility in Lincoln is complete and ready to welcome a new cohort of students in September. The University of Lincoln’s Sarah Swift Building will be the new home of its Schools of Health and Social Care and Psychology. Four impressive nurse-training labs are equipped exactly as they would be in a real hospital. Each nursing suite and each bay can be adapted to simulate a different health scenario from an accident and emergency unit to a physiotherapy clinic. Using various realistic medical mannequins and actual hospital equipment, the facility will allow the students to safely hone their skills and build their confidence before getting their hands on real patients. The trainee nurses can learn everything from correctly fitting feeding tubes to taking blood and getting to grips with a variety of patient-monitoring systems. Despite the patients being only dummies, the students will still be expected to learn and follow all the normal procedures for hygiene such as cleaning bedding. The students will spend two days every week using the nurse training wards in the new facility and the rest of the week in a real clinical setting.