Care home which swapped uniforms for pyjamas is rated ‘outstanding’

Almost four years ago Landermeads Care Home in Chilwell decided that despite patients being well looked after physically, a change in culture was needed to address their residents’ emotional needs. Huge changes were undertaken ranging from getting rid of staff uniforms and nurses’ trolleys, to physically restructuring their buildings. The primary objective of these sweeping changes was in a bid to improve the day-to-day happiness of the homes 85 service users, leading to results that director and registered provider Ros Heath says can now be seen on their faces every day. Inspectors at the CQC agreed, reporting the facility as outstanding overall. The initiative was based on the ‘Flower of Emotional Needs’ strategy developed by psychologist Tom Kitwood, making sure that each day dementia patients felt love, comfort, occupation, attachment, inclusion and identity.

What a fantastic idea – well done Landermeads!