A nurse walked to work as a dinosaur to fundraise for Bournemouth Hospital Charity

  • Chris Easom
  • June 24, 2020

Sara Quickfall-Leonard, a nurse at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, walked to work every day in her inflatable dinosaur costume. She undertook the challenge to raise money for Bournemouth Hospital Charity to help them purchase a Walkerbot – a robotic machine to help people living with stroke relearn to walk.

Her inspiration stemmed from being unable to take part in the annual Jurassic Coast 100km. She said: “It was really tough as it was so hot. It felt like I was in a tent with a heater on. But the public made up for it by beeping and cheering which kept me going. Thinking of the charity and the Walkerbot also kept me focused.”

Sara completed the challenge on May 29 after many days walking to Bournemouth Hospital in the sweltering heat.