Nursing home looks normal on outside – Inside is designed to be a familiar 1940’s neighbourhood

The Lantern nursing home located in Ohio is only one of three amazing facilities designed specifically for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Designed to look like small houses with porches leading out to a golf course, the living facility feels like a community in the 1940s. With incredible attention to detail, including paint schemes reminiscent of the time period, Lantern is an incredibly unique living facility. Using special fibre optics in the ceiling, the facility recreates a special daylight and starry sky atmosphere in the building. The floors of the facility are painted green to represent the grass, and an array of sound effects such as bird chirps are played throughout. “Every little thing you see, the wall colour, the paint, actually has a therapeutic benefit, a therapeutic value,” says CEO Jean Makesh. As a trained occupational therapist, Makesh has created the perfect environment for these special patients. After learning how controlled environments can lead to major reductions in anxiety, anger, and depression, he decided to create a facility that incorporated these ideas into a constructive living experience. Moreover, Lantern provides residents with an assortment of daily classes to help them re-learn and retain basic skills and functions.