NMC starts consultation on registration fee for nursing associates

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has launched a consultation on its proposal to charge nursing associates the same registration fee as it does for nurses and midwives. Proposals outlined in the consultation would see the cost of registration for registered nursing associates “mirror” those of their nursing and midwifery counterparts, currently £120 per year. “We are proposing the same fees for nursing associates, nurses and midwives, because the same regulatory approach will apply to the three professions, so we will need to meet the same costs,” stated the NMC in a document outling the consultation. It expected nursing associates would be subject to the “full suite” of regulation, meaning broadly the same regulatory processes that are in place for nurses and midwives would apply, said the NMC. The regulator noted that this included the requirement to maintain their registration through revalidation as well as having fitness to practise processes in place should associates fall below our standards.