Agency carer Gemma all-set for Tanzania

2nd year student nurse and StaffAid agency carer Gemma Bolton is set to leave for a 4-week voluntary placement in Tanzania on June 24th. Gemma has generously given her time and expertise to helps the local community at the Amana hospital in Dar es Salaam, including caring for patients suffering with HIV. A crowd-funding campaign has helped to raise the funds Gemma needs to undertake the trip, and StaffAid, in conjunction with Dr Sharon Black, Director of Nurse Education at the University of Lincoln, are supporting Gemma every step of the way. “I am delighted that StaffAid is able to support Gemma by paying for her return flight to Tanzania” says Nick Carroll, Managing Director at StaffAid. “Supporting local people and businesses is extremely important to us. This is an exciting opportunity for Gemma, enabling her to make a positive impact where it is sorely needed. Gemma will also gain invaluable experience that will benefit her future nursing career.”