500km in 5 days

Chris Easom our Director of Business Development has taken on the humongous cycling challenge of 500km in 5 days starting on March 8th 2020! (Just so you know Chris is not a cyclist – by any stretch of the imagination!)


The Coastal Ride

The Coastal Ride will take Chris down the east coast beside the gulf of Thailand. He will cycle through resort towns such as Hua Hin and Khiri Khan before crossing the mountains that divide the east and west. From there it’s a short trip to Khao Lak where the children from our Baan Tharn Namchai home will be waiting excitedly to greet him and show you exactly how important your fundraised dollars are – not just for sustaining them, but for deeply enriching their lives.

Where will the funds go?

We recognise that the future is not just in obtaining a degree. What if we can provide our kids with skills based training that gives them access to real people, real jobs, and experiential learning. What if we can then provide those kids with a stepping stone to starting a business in their own community or employment through a Hands run organisation in Thailand. A place where their skills matter. A place where the results on a medical certificate don’t determine their future. A place where there is equal pay and good working conditions.

When we look at the future of work, we are bombarded with talk of robots, AI, and offshore support. We know that there is digital isolation in regional areas and that there is a gap to fill around technological skills that will help our kids navigate work in later years. With the funds raised from Digital Live, and the support of some tech partners on the ground in Thailand, the vision is to create a Computer Programming Traineeship that will be run out of a dedicated Learning Centre at Home Hug.

The Digital Live Learning Centre will teach kids to code so they can move into programming roles in the future. Down the track our vision is to move this operation to a commercial business that can provide offshore programming and development. This not only provides our kids with an opportunity for training and employment, without the weight of their health hanging on their shoulders, but again it will provide sustainable income back into our homes.