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‘Need more wine’: Quarantined 82-year-old’s funny message to daughter

  • Chris Easom
  • April 13, 2020

Kelly Muller says her 82-year-old mum, Annette Muller has always been “the life of the party.” Although staying inside during the coronavirus pandemic, the mum of 6, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of 4, proved she still has her sense of humour when she greeted her daughter at the window of her house waving a bottle of wine and holding up a sign that read “need more wine.”

Notts police dogs surprise former trainer on 90th birthday at Arnold care home

A former police dog trainer got an early birthday surprise, when Nottinghamshire Police’s Dog Section visited him at his care home in Arnold. Gordon Galley, 90, spent 30 years with the police in Durham and most of that was working within the dog section. Staff at the care home where Gordon now resides love hearing the stories he has of working with the Police Dogs, and say he often tells them about the fond memories of his time with the dog section, particularly being partnered with his very own police dog, Guy. “I have far too many memories of me and Guy chasing bad guys but I can assure you we always got our man” he said.

How singers are providing a lifeline to care home residents in lockdown

Tapping her feet and swaying, care home resident Freda Colbourne is transported to another world by the singing she’s listening to outside her window. Family and friends aren’t allowed to visit the Cedar Lawn care home in Stratford Upon Avon due to lockdown restrictions, as coronavirus continues to spread across the UK. Contact with the outside world is now minimal, but Hannah Ciotkowski, from the healthcare charity Kissing It Better, is making sure people don’t feel too lonely, standing outside and singing a collection of golden oldies for the residents inside. Freda, 97, seems particularly touched by the music, telling us how lovely it is to hear the singing, especially Over The Rainbow, which reminds her of her late husband and was played at his funeral. Kissing It Better was set up in 2009 by Jill Fraser to “try and do what we can to help the isolated and lonely”.

Children send care home residents uplifting messages

  • Chris Easom
  • April 9, 2020

In order to boost the morale of self-isolating residents, care home staff at Bilton Court in Wellingborough made an online appeal for cheerful letters and pictures. Schoolchildren recorded uplifting messages to the self-isolating elderly people in response.

On Wednesday, the messages from Year 5 pupils at the town’s Park Junior School were broadcast live on BBC local radio. Head Teacher David Tebbutt said he asked Year 5 pupils if anyone wanted to help people in self-isolation and “everyone’s hand went up”.

“Children are very aware of their predicament, they’re worried about their grandparents and their parents.”

Care home plays life-size Hungry Hippos game.

  • Chris Easom
  • April 8, 2020

A care home in Wales came up with new ideas to keep their residents in high spirits, engaging them in a life-size version of the board game Hungry Hippos.

In a video that has been viewed almost 500,000 times on Facebook, the residents at Bryn Celyn Care Home in Maesteg were wheeled back and forth while attempting to grab multicoloured balls with baskets.
“Residents really enjoyed playing a new game today of Hungry Hippos,” the care home wrote. “Lots of laughter to lift morale of the team and residents!”

NHS Nightingale becomes world’s largest critical care unit

Prince Charles will open the new 4,000-bed NHS Nightingale later today – less than two weeks after work started on the giant specialist coronavirus field hospital. With 80 wards, the temporary facility at the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands is now the largest critical care unit in the world. Soldiers, carpenters, stewards and volunteers have worked around the clock to ensure NHS Nightingale could be ready for use in record time.

Three elderly Salford women move in together as they don’t want to self-isolate alone.

  • Chris Easom
  • April 3, 2020

Although many elderly people in the UK are preparing to self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic, three friends have decided they won’t be doing it alone.

Doreen Burns, Carol Spark and Dotty Robinson from Salford, Greater Manchester, have known each other for over 40 years. They plan to isolate together in the same home in an attempt to combat loneliness. Not only do they have all of their favourite series on Netflix to watch while self-isolating, but they also have a ‘supply of wine in’. Apparently, it was the only thing they’ve been panic buying!

Care workers move into Sheffield dementia home to shield residents

A group of care workers have left their families and moved into a care home for a “lock-in” with residents to help protect them from the coronavirus. At Bridgedale House, in Sheffield, nine staff members have packed their bags and said goodbye to loved ones in order to move into the facility full-time, reducing the risk of them infecting vulnerable residents. The care home is now effectively locked down, with staff members staying put and no visitors allowed, although family members can leave letters and gifts outside the main door.

Hero nurse, 62, who is coming out of retirement to lead London’s coronavirus hospital

A retired nurse is going back to work to head up the new Nightingale Hospital that will care for thousands of patients. Deirdre Barr, 62, has been appointed director of operations at the newly established ExCel national emergency medical centre in East London. Deirdre, of Derry, Northern Ireland, is a former St John Ambulance cadet who went on to dedicate 40 years of her life to the NHS.

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